Better PBN domains by working smarter, not harder

Private Blog Networks.

Utter those three words to any well informed SEO and they will most likely wet their pants with joy.

PBN’S have been one of the quickest and most reliable ways to rank for several years now. After all having natural links from a high quality website (a PBN) makes Google look at your site with glee.

However one of the most important parts about PBN’S is the domains of the blogs in your PBN itself. Finding expired domains that have clean backlinks, haven’t been spammed in the past, have great metrics, and are not all that expensive has always been a struggle for SEO’S.


THE Matt Chalk

Luckily that is where I come in! My name is Matt Chalk, and for four months I have been supplying SEO’S with expired domains, that they use for the PBN’S and sometimes even their money sites. I sell them mostly through (what i consider) to be the best black hat forum on the planet; I highly recommend you check us out, we have some absolutely incredible guides on how to rank and make money online.

However recently I have found several other expired domain sellers using tactics which I consider to be just lazy and pathetic when it comes to the domain selling world. I see several sellers using massive VPS’S that scrape tens of thousands of domains that they then filter for spam with their own supposed “custom metrics” to make sure they are valuable when it comes to SEO.

I think of this attitude towards SEO similar to an old Australian saying “if you throw enough shit it will stick”.

I have been selling valuable domains for over four months now and have built up a reputation as a great seller.

Would you even believe that Jesse bought the domain “” off me!?

Anyways sorry for rambling, lets get back to the point.

Do you think I use huge amounts of ram on virtual private servers? No I don’t at all. I use a simple HP laptop to find my domains. I bet your asking the question “if you only have a laptop, how do you manage to find such good expired domains”?

Why thank you for asking!

I have always been a believer when it comes to anything life that you should do it smarter, not faster. I have built up my own custom process of finding expired domains with fantastic metrics (more about that in a moment) in virtually any niche possible. Sure it may take a little longer. but I have a process that doesn’t involve scraping huge amounts of the web with the attitude ‘oh Fate_WALL-E copyI’m sure I will find something amongst this huge batch’!

Advantages of using my laptop means that I don’t use a supposed “custom metric” which tells me whether the domains have been spammed in the past. I manually check each and every domain I find through a scrutinizing process to ensure that the site that it was previously used for, was not indeed used for SEO purposes.

This means that I have built up a reputation for myself as a RELIABLE domain seller. (You’ll actually find me on the recommended list in the SEO Toolbox)

So I beg you. Think about aspects of your own SEO or internet marketing life, and just think “can this be done in a smarter way?”

Now lets get into my thoughts on how to find good domains.

Firstly metrics

There are many different types of metrics when it comes to valuating whether a domain is good or not. There is; page rank, aHrefs rank, domain authority, trust flow, tropical trust flow, citation flow, page authority, and more. But out of all of these metrics, what ones should you focus on the most? And more importantly what numbers should you look for in these metrics?

In my opinion the most important metrics are the following;



  1. Check the history Manually checking out the domain (whilst this isn’t a metric, I believe it to be the most important no matter what).
  2. Trust Flow I personally think that 20+ in trust flow is what you should be going after. Trust flow is a metric determined by the fantastic service of “majesticSEO” (if you haven’t checked them out, you needa get
    out from under your rock). In majestic’s own words “Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors”. Basically Trust Flow is a metric determined by how “trustworthy” the backlinks pointing to a specific domain are (as determined by majestic SEO). Trust flow is a commonly used metric buy domain sellers to essientially “show off” how good there domains are.
  3. Domain Authority Similar to “Trust Flow” you should look for at least 20+ when you analyse domain authority. It’s a metric calculated by Moz. In there own words they state “Domain Authority is Moz’s calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in Google’s search results. It is based off data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank and MozTrust scores, and dozens of other factors”. I have personally found that DA is usually lower then TF when I analyse domains.
  4. Referring Domains vs Total Backlinks I find these two metrics very important as they are able to tell me if a domain has “spam” rather quickly. If a domain has a very high number of total backlinks, but low number of reffering domains, then it is most likely a spammed domain (with a few exceptions of course). Total backlinks also allow you to see how much authority you will get with the expired domain (if you are using as a money site or 301).

Thats about it! There are hundreds of other things that go into finding expired domains, but those (in my opinion of course) are the most important.

Thanks for checking my post and if you have any questions hit me up on FB by clicking HERE, my door is always open. You can also check out a new blog I’m starting up which should have a strong focus on SEO and internet marketing by clicking HERE.


When not scraping domains he can be found working on local seo projects, writing about SEO and internet marketing!

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