The Ultimate SEO Toolbox: Best SEO Tools

Welcome to the Ultimate SEO Toolbox! This is a collection of what we think are the best SEO tools on the internet. We hope you find something new and useful!

Every good marketer, SEO and webmaster has a set of tools they can’t live without and if you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for a better tool for just about everything.

We’ll try to keep this toolbox fresh as we find new services, software and other tips to help you get the most from your work.

* If there’s a tool that you don’t see listed but you think it should be, please shoot us an inquiry here and let us know so we can check it out. Also, if you have a tool or service of your own and would like to see if featured here, contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Affiliate Programs

amazon-100x100 Amazon Affiliate Program– This is where most affiliate marketers start out as you can sell just about anything you can think of and consumers trust Amazon as a brand. Not only will you get a commission on what you sell but you will get a commission on everything in their shopping cart too.
shareasale-100x100 Shareasale – Some of the big names you’ll find here. Everything from hosting to physical products. Pets, clothing and weight loss they have it all. These are much more niche products and you will want to spend some time finding a program that makes sense for you. Good program that tells you a lot about their vendors and their account status so you’re more likely to get paid.
jvzoo-100x100 JVZoo – Small network of high converting items usually all digital and some really out there products. Good for smaller creators to get selling fast and earning high commissions. Can be a little hard to navigate. Focuses a lot on email marketing.
PayDotCom logo – Mostly digital products for email list marketing and blog marketing. Lots of ebooks, courses etc.
Clickbank Clickbank – Very possibly one of the most popular platform for digital products. Ebooks, courses, membership sites and more available here to promote to your list or to promote your own products through their large network.
cj-100x100 CJ Affiliate – This is probably the largest (or one of the largest) affiliate marketing platforms. There are a lot of programs to choose from. However, if you don’t make money for a while, they will threaten to deactivate your account simply because you suck! The big names have little direct contact with vendors which is annoying. We’d recommend you start elsewhere first, but if you’re on top of all the others, this can be a good place to earn revenue. :)

Fiverr Gigs

Logo Design

williamrosario100x100 williamrosario – This guy does awesome $5 logos! Great for money sites or PBNs.


ad-twins-100x100 The Ad Twins – We did this gig for a bunch of our videos, then just changed up the keywords.

Link Building & Social Signals

crork-100x100 CRork Service SEO Gigs – These guys are widely used in the SEO community and provide link building, social signals, article spinning, social bookmarking, web 2.0s, link wheels and more.


siconsultants-100x100 Siconsultants – These guys did an awesome infographic for us. We paid the rush free to get it delivered in under 24 hours which they did with no problem without sacrificing quality.
jo7654320-100x100 jo7654320 – We ordered an infographic from this user and it was pretty good, we would use the service again, but liked the infographic by Siconsultants better.

Off-Page SEO – Backlink Checking, Metrics, Competitor Analysis

majestic-75x75 Majestic – Where Majestic really stands out in the crowd is by providing trust flow and citation flow. Other sites will show you how many backlinks a page has but not the trust of those backlinks. If you have a domain you want to buy and it has thousands of backlinks, it the trust flow of those is ZERO, it’s probably not a good domain to buy. Or, if you aren’t ranking well, if your trust flow is low, now you see that you have opportunity to get some high-trust links to bring it up a bit.
ahrefs-100x100 Ahrefs – Ahrefs is consistently the best at finding new backlinks.
moz-100x100 Moz Pro – Moz is a great indicator of domain authority. It also has some nifty keyword competitiveness tools where it will give you a percentage based on how hard a keyword is to rank for. While Moz Pro is great, if we could only have one tool of this set, it would not be Moz.
serpwoo-100x100 SERPWoo – SERPWoo is the greatest tool yet to help decode the serps over time. The problem with a rank tracker is it only shows your current ranking at a given moment in time. You could refresh it every 15 minutes to try to get an idea whats happening, but that’s silly really. SERPWoo allows you to see what sites are above you (assuming you’re still reaching for #1 spot) and those below you and track all this over time. It’s a great research tool to help you decide if you even want to get involved in a niche. You can also see up and coming competitors. This tool is a must have for anyone serious about SEO. We use it all day long for hundreds of keywords.

Rank Tracking tools

serpbook-100x100 SERPBook – After trying out many rank trackers this is what we’ve settled on. It has an excellent dashboard, iseasy to read, updates multiple times a day, is reliable, and it can also track local and YouTube videos. It also integrates with Google Analytics so that you can see your website traffic over the past 30 days and compares it to the previous period.
ranktrackr-100x100 Rank Trakr – excellent visuals, can track local rankings
rankranger-100x100 Rank Ranger – beautiful dashboard, white label reports, social signals, conversion tracking, link manager
proranktracker-100x100 ProRankTracker – has freemium option, can track YouTube and local, good email report with useful information all in a compact email
blackhatcommunity-100x100 Blackhat Community – included in paid membership
rankwatch-100x100 Rank Watch – free trial, keyword tools, local tracking, while label reports, email alerts, Google Analytics integration
ranktracker-100x100 Rank Tracker – limited free version avail. Desktop software that is great for agencies, can do white label reports, uses a lot of system resources, can run reports automatically on a schedule, email reports automatically
serp-rank-tracker-100x100 SERP Rank Tracker
SERP Watch
serp-scan-100x100 SERP Scan
serp-worm-100x100 SERP Worm
microsite-masters-100x100 MicroSiteMasters – has freemium option, email reports aren’t that helpful

Group Buys

Susan – Susan provides great group buys, but she doesn’t just let anyone in the group. Click the link, send us a message with what tools you need, where you heard about her and your contact info. We’ll forward it on to her and she’ll respond if she has any openings.
seo-accounts-100x100 SeoAccounts – Group buy for the major tools, Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, Spyfu and Keyword Canine

Press Release Services

blackhat-pr-100x100 BlackHatWorld forum service – $79 – provides a solid PR service with upwards of 200 links. Can create content. Has excellent form to complete and does the rest.

On-Page SEO

On Page Optimzation Tools

bruce-clay-100x100 Bruce Clay SEO Toolset – This isn’t a tool we do not hear others talk about the SEO community. While on-page optimization isn’t everything, this tool will compare 5-10 pages in the top 10 for any given keyword and let you know what to do on-page to be “normal”. It will tell you how long to make your titles, metas and body copy as well as what a good keyword density would be. This is great because sometimes it suggests you only need 300 words of body copy to be competitive and other times, 3000 words.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Canine Tool Keyword Canine – For those of you who have a team of people and you just prefer to use web based tools instead of desktop software, then Keyword Canine is a great solution. It’s another brain child of Jonathan Ledger who has built many tools we all know and use like The Best Spinner and Article Builder.
Long Tail Pro LongTail Pro Software – A fast and easy tool that helps you discover new keywords. If you’re like us we need help finding the golden nuggets to target. It helps to also have a competitive analysis of a word before you invest your heart and soul into chasing it. Long Tail Pro is all that in a box. Excellent tool developed by the legend Spencer Haws.
Market Samuari Market Samurai – Great software that helps you find and deep research new keyword ideas, competitiveness and look for opportunity. Free trial is a nice feature. Try before you commit.
serpwoo-100x100 SERPWoo – SERPWoo is the greatest tool yet to help decode the serps over time. SERPWoo allows you no not only do keywor research but see who is currently ranking, measure the volatility of a SERP and get better insights into who you’re up against. It’s a great tool to see if big fish are already dominating the top 10 and whether its even worth the effort to chase. You can also track them over time so you can set up keywords you’re thinking about and let the software do the work. It’s a great research tool to help you decide if you even want to get involved in a niche. You can also see up and coming competitors. This tool is a must have for anyone serious about SEO. We use it all day long for hundreds of keywords.

Video SEO

Youtube Video Optimization and Streaming Software

TubeRankJeet Software TubeRankJeet Software – Steal all the best tags, description length and video title from the best ranking videos FAST with this optimization software.
Content Samurai Content Samurai – For those that want a simple template solution for making sales videos that look great and convert great this is a simple done for you solution. Just enter the text and tweak with backgrounds or images which are included with the service and you’re done. It’s not the only way to make great sales videos, but its definitely easy!
Wirecast Wirecast Streaming Software – If you want videos ranked fast, this is how to do it. Combine with the magic of TubeRankJeet to dial in your optimization and then stream your video live to Youtube for nearly instant top rankings. Excellent if you’re working in lead gen, pay per lead or doing affiliate with videos!

Local SEO


loganix Loganix – Citation building + will bulk up those citations by building links to them.
whitespark-100x100 Whitespark – Whitespark takes a few weeks to deliver citations but they are widely used in the SEO community.
brightlocal-100x100 Brightlocal – Another widely used service in the SEO industry. They will show you a report of your citations and whether they are live, pending or not yet submitted. They also show the verification required on your part to make the citation live which is great.
localcitationservices-100x100 Localcitationservices – These guys will deliver a handful of citations for as low as $5 and while we were skeptical at first, the citations were delivered promptly (within a few days) with no problems.
pbnbutler-100x100 PBN Butler – These guys also deliver prompt citations as well as offer a service to build links to your citations to boost them up.

Verified GMB (Google My Business) Listings

instantgmb100x100 InstantGMB – Verified GMB listing for around $99.
pbnbutler-100x100 PBN Butler – Verified GMB listing for around $99.
MapTrustPBNs – Verified GMB listing for around $99.

Link Building

Web 2.0s

fscnetworker-100x100 FCS Networker – This is great for creating a large number of Web 2.0s, managing them all, posting to them, creating link wheels, creating link pyramids, and a lot more. At this point we are only experienced using it for creating a large network of 2.0s. There is a learning curve to this software, but we will soon write a post on how to create a large network fast with minimal errors!
rankwyz-100x100 RankWYZ – RankWYZ is similar to FCS Networker but runs quite a bit cheaper. We grew frustrated with the software as it was not intuitive to us but we will spend some more time with it in the future.
scrapebox-100x100 Scrapebox – Great for harvesting large amounts of data and is also quick at automated commenting.

Niche Blog Comments

Adss30 logo Adss30 – They’re beasts at providing drip fed, fast and accurate niche blog comments. Affordable and great communication.

Wikipedia Links

Adss30 logo Adss30 – You can either learn to get your own Wikipedia links or let these guys do it. Fast turn around and very good stick rate. In fact if the link doesn’t stick. They’ll make it right.

Guest Posting

The $200,000 Outreach Strategy – Create thousands of Google-safe, relevant, authority backlinks with this easy method. Worth every penny! Gives you a great list of footprints to use to find the best guest blogging opportunities!

Link building software

gsaser-100x100 GSA Search Engine Ranker – (Can do web2.0’s also) 10% OFF with code 1DB90CAFF6

Captcha Solving Software

gsacaptchabreaker-100x100 GSA Captcha Breaker – (One time cost!) 10% OFF with code A3130DBF0C

Full PBN Setup

SERP FOCUS logo PBN Fox – Top notch PBN builds from Nemanja and Crew! This team is a beast at taking over projects and delivering a ready-to-use product. They can find domains, build them out and even offer hosting management. They were part of our Done-For-You PBN Case Study and all sites they built are still indexed to this day over 1 year later.
SERP FOCUS logo SERP FOCUS – Reputable service for PBN builds from Michael Milas including a very exhaustive list of features some other services overlook such as fake WhoIs data and security plugins. Visit site for current pricing.
pbnbutler-100x100 PBN Butler – PBN Butler offers full PBN setup at $50/site. We’re not sure what all that entails but we’ve been happy with their other services so we have no reason to think this would be a poor experience.
jon-haver100x100 Authority Website Income – Jon Haver has his own done-for-you PBN service at $109.99/site + $9.99/site monthly cost. We’ve not used this service but it’s another option. This includes finding niche-relevant expired domains, 5 unique articles to start, host and manage the sites, and also create one new article each month.

VPS and SEO VPS Servers

poweruphosting-100x100 PowerUpHosting – (starting at$15/mo for a 1 GB mem box with unlimited bandwidth Windows Server 12)
offshorevps-100x100 OffShoreVPS – (starting at $18/mo for a 3GB mem box with unlimited bandwidth w Windows 8)

Traffic and Website Analytics

clicky-100x100 Clicky – (FREE)
wpslimstat-100x100 WP SlimStat – It’s a good idea not to install Google Analytics on all of your sites as this could leave a huge footprint. WP SlimStat is great for WordPress sites to install as a plugin. Nothing is as robust as Google Analytics but it can still give you an overview of what is going on with your site.

Content creation and Articles


Spin Rewriter Software Spin ReWriter – Web based spinning software that can generate everything from very high uniqueness to insane quantities of spun articles. Just load up your seed and push a button. You can preview sample articles before spinning and you can output in several different formats.
wordai-100x100 WordAI – WordAi is the first spinner that understands and replicates complex thoughts. When most spinners just change our words, WordAi understands the context. This is very good for spinning Tier 1 content with a very high uniqueness score.
thebestspinner-100x100 The Best Spinner – If you want flat out control over spinning The Best Spinner is the way to go. We’ve used it for over a year to hand spin very high quality articles into the 300 article range with 90% originality. We’ve used it with GSA and filters to get ranked for 14k/mo search terms and have survived all algo updates no problem as the quality is so high and unique. This is a desktop software. Great for VA’s to use too.


iwriter-logo – We’ve ordered numerous articles from these guys and they’ve always delivered great articles for our PBNs and even money sites. They have some great package options.
99cent-articles100x100 – We’ve ordered numerous articles from these guys and they’ve always delivered great articles for our PBNs and even money sites. They have some great package options.
pbnbutler-100x100 PBN Butler – We haven’t used these guys for articles but did for citations and verified GMB listings which were both great experiences. Their prices start at $4.25 for a 500 word article.


mexela-100x100 Mexela – (Amazing price 100 semi dedicated = $75/mo 50% off first 3 months)
poweruphosting-100x100 PowerUpHosting – (dedicated proxies 10 = $20/mo)

Social Signals

pbnbutler-100x100 PBN Butler – These guys have a lot of social signal package options starting at $5. They can be drip fed from 10-30 days to ensure a natural looking addition to your link profile.
socialllama-100x100 Social-Llama – easy social signals checker, social signals service
blackhatcommunity-100x100 Blackhat Community– social signal checker (with membership)

Scraping Expired Domains


domainbeast-100x100 DomainBeast – I finally convinced Matt Chalk to teach me everything he knows about finding high TF relevant domains from his laptop. After paying him $1000 cash he agreed to let me share it with others. The outcome was this 6 video course where he’s tells all of his secrets. “It’s worth every penny” – Zacc Wair

Expired Domain Crawlers

domain-miner-100x100 Domain Miner – High capacity crawler software that can power through millions of URLs in a day and is best suited for crawling large suites like Wikipedia, Huffington Post and other large sites. Can also do large seeds lists of smaller sites like forums, directories etc. Does A LOT of the processing for you all on auto pilot as it runs an availability check and then runs moz metrics on available domains so you spend time doing minimal cleanup. – $200 / month rental. Best run on a VPS.
domain-reanimator-100x100 Domain Reanimator – Cloud based SaaS crawler that can run one instance or a handful. Can do seed lists, keyword scrapes, geo targeted scrapes, reverse crawls and more. Once you find domains you can quickly “reanimate” them via screenshots and upload them to a live site in seconds. Includes Majestic Metrics, Moz Metrics with subscription. Monthly subscription required. Includes a FB group for users
eureka-100x100 Domain Prospector Eureka – Cloud based solution that can do keywoard scrapes, seed lists crawls and can crawl massive sites / lists. Outputs available domains into files based on metrics for easy review. Majestic metrics available.
domain-metrics-tool-100x100 Domain Metric Tool – Cloud based solution. Input a seed list and scraper will harvest urls with invalid http responses. Use Domain Metrics tools access to clean urls down to domains, check for availability and finally grab metrics. Output domains in a clean list for use.
domripper-100x100 DomRipper – High capacity java based software that can run lots of threads and crawl large sites. Checking for availability, Moz and Majestic metrics provided.
lazarus-100x100 Lazarus Domain Scraper RENT $97/mo – The only domain scraper which allows you to find available web 2.0 blogs and includes majestic metrics in the output. Checks for available, provides Moz metrics and handle alot of the back breaking work for you! (also available to own for $397 one time. A pretty good deal as we’re paying $200/mo rent on Domain Miner)
screaming-frog-100x100 Screaming Frog – Simplest SEO crawler I’ve seen so far. Software based crawler used to spider websites and their outbound links looking for domains which are expired.
xenu-100x100 Xenu Link Sleuth – Probably one of the oldest free SEO crawlers, but not nearly as simple to operate, nor as reliable as Screaming Frog. Still works well for those on a tiny budget, this software is free and can crawl very well! – FREE!

Scrape Cleaning Tools

urltodomain-100x100 URL to Domain – Super fast duplicate remover, url trimmer and cleaner all in one to bring crawled urls down to the root domain to be processed for availability. – FREE!
namechex-100x100 Namechex – Software that can do massive domain availability checks. Runs on a few different free API’s such as Dynadot and Namecheap. Is the best solution for doing huge availability checks as most tools are limited to 500, 1000 or less. Cost about $50. Use the DynaDot FREE API. It works great, it’s free and is very quick. Can bulk check 10k domains in 15 min. Just sign up for a free account and click on Domains > API to get your access code.
namecheap-100x100 NameCheap – Simple and easy bulk availability checker. Just click ” Bulk Options” on the home page
dynadot-100x100 Dynadot – Web based bulk availability checker. Does up to 500 at a time. – FREE!
moz-100x100 MOZ – For checking PA/DA
ahrefs-100x100 AHREFS – More for checking backlink profiles as they have one of the best link indexes on the market. Great for doing deeper research looking for branches to explore for more places to crawl. Not too helpful for trust flow obviously.
majestic-75x75 Majestic – For checking Trust Flow, anchors, referring domains and more. Master this tool to do “Trust Flow seeking” by following the high Trust Flow links and crawling those urls.

Spam Checking Tools

blackhatcommunity-100x100 Black Hat Community – A group of 500 professional SEO’s with a robust community + toolbox for bulk checking majestic stats, moz stats, domain availablity, downloading wayback archives, yellow pages scraper, PBN manager and training videos. Cost $60/month subscription / cancel any time
domain-metrics-tool-100x100 Domain Metric Tool – Amazing single page design domain scraping cleanup, availability check and stats checker tool that does it all on auto pilot. Just dump in a bunch of grubby URLs and let it work, it’ll output the availables + stats for Moz and Majestic. Doesn’t get easier than this!
waybackmaching-100x100 – The most robust repository of websites archived on the web from the early days. Use this tool to review websites and their history looking for evidence of spamming like pbn use, gobs of exact match anchors or other grubby spam like porn, payday loans etc. – FREE!
screenshots-100x100 – A back alternative to and can be slightly faster, but doesn’t have nearly the repository that does. Use this as a backup if you have concerns you’re missing something or if you can’t find any histroy on – FREE!

Where to Buy Quality Expired Domains

PBN-HQ-5 PBNHQ – Run by Stephen Rendell and Doug Stewart. Both reputable in the SEO community for many years. Join the PBNHQ Facebook group to ask questions!
matt-chalk-100x100 Matt Chalk on FB – Matt sold us the domain this blog is built on :)
jedediah-100x100 Jedediah Hunt on FB – Always has fresh inventory, great domains and excellent prices.
zacc-wair-100x100 Zacc Wair on FB
george-do-100x100 George Do on FB – Great seller! Great buying experience and good reputation.

VPS Rentals

offshorevps-100x100 Offshore VPS Rental – Fantastic service and very affordable VPS rental. Use remote desktop to access and great hardware that will run more software than just a domain scraper. Nice to have for longer scrapes so you can be anywhere doing anything while it’s running! We run 2 of them for different scrapers. Great service and support also. $15/mo for a basic VPS.


WordPress Plugins

easyazon-100x100 EazyAzon – Get credit for many more Amazon sales, not just for the country you live in! If you like in the US and 50% of your traffic is too, what about the other 50%? You’re missing out on those sales! This plugin will ensure you get credit for many more countries by “localizing” the links. Also, let viewers add products straight to their shopping cart, and if they put an item in their shopping cart, you get credit if they buy within 89 days.
simple-page-sidebars100x100 Simple Page Sidebars – This page is great for creating a custom sidebar for every different page if you wish. We use this to create strong silo structures and a highly-organized site.
prettylink-100x100 Pretty Link Lite – Cloak and no-follow your affiliate links (or any link) with Pretty Link Lite. This is what we use on our blog. You can see how many times each link was clicked on your blog and also implement goal tracking on these links. We will write a post on exactly how to do this in the near future since we wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out.
universal-star-rating-100x100 Universal Star Rating – What’s more convincing than a 5-star rating? Not much! Add a star-rating to things on your blog or products you are trying to sell. This is guaranteed to increase your conversion rates.
tablepress-100x100 TablePress – Easily create beautiful tables on your blog that can also be sorted by the viewer. Simply upload a CSV file and you’re good to go. Also easy to customize with CSS.
magic-liquidizer-100x100 Magic Liquidizer – Don’t have a table on your blog that isn’t mobile-responsive! Just use this plugin and your tables will look great on mobile devices.
sumome-100x100 SumoMe – Easily collect email subscribers and grow your list with this plugin. We talk about this more under email marketing further down on this page.
woozone-100x100 WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Have a beautiful store right on your site with Amazon products. They do everything on your site (including picking sizes, colors, etc.) right up until checkout. This plugin can pull in multiple products straight from Amazon and even spin the content, although we don’t recommend spun content on your money site.
yoast-100x100 WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is a must-have for your blog. Easily keep track of what keywords you are targeting on each page and aim for a green light on every post for SEO. You can easily change titles, metas, plus this plugin will create a sitemap for you.
mouseflow Mouseflow – This plugin will record visitors on your site so you can see how they interact with your page. You can also see a heatmap and clickmap of traffic.
sticky-widget100x100 Sticky Widget – Increase your conversion rates with Sticky Widget. Whatever you want people to do, ensure it stays in their view by having it be sticky in the sidebar.
wordle100x100 Wordle – Kinda random but you can create awesome word clouds for free with this tool which can be great for featured images or whatever you want.

WordPress Themes

wordpress100x100 Free WordPress Themes – Depending on what your website is and what you want to do with it, free WordPress themes should work just fine. We mostly only use these for PBNs and rarely for money sites as they can be very limiting.
divi Divi by ElegantThemes – This is our favorite WordPress theme at the moment. We use it on multiple sites (money sites and client sites). It’s ridiculously easy to work with, you can easily create landing pages, there are a plethora of sexy icons to choose from, and it’s overall downright sexy. It has a page builder feature which is nice but it also marries you to the theme which is a downside.
studiopress100x100 StudioPress – This is also a reputable theme provider we have used in the past. If we weren’t using a free theme or Divi, we would jump over to StudioPress to see what they have available.
betheme100x100 BeTheme – This is another theme that uses a page builder (Muffin Builder or Visual Composer). There are many pre-made sites that people like for lead gen. There are lots of sexy elements to use but if you want just a simple site it can be over the top.

Email Marketing

Software & Apps

Convertkit ConvertKit – One thing bloggers and inbound marketers find out quickly is the quality of their email service. Convertkit understands workflow. They know emails must make sense, have systemization and create outcomes. If you have a list over 3,000 it’s priced competitively and the workflow automation is flawless. Pat Flynn just switched to ConvertKit. We’re moving that way too!
mailchimp100x100 MailChimp – If you want to get an email campaign up and running quick with zero cost, MailChimp is for you! We use this on dozens of accounts and it gets the job done every time. You can quickly create templates, lists, schedule campaigns, and it integrates with many plugins. It integrates well with SumoMe so that someone can seamlessly sign up for your newsletter without you needing to lift a finger.
aweber100x100 AWeber – (monthly)
getresponse100x100 GetResponse – (30 day trial, monthly)

List Building

sumome-100x100 SUMO ME – This is a free AWESOME plugin for WordPress! It allows viewers to easily sign up for your email newsletter among other things. You can create a sticky bar at the top of your website (featured on this blog), you can have a pop-up in the corner of your website (also featured on this blog), and you can also have a full-screen pop-up that asks viewers to sign up for your newsletter or engage in a different type of call to action.
email-before-download100x100 Email Before Download Plugin – Another great way to list build is to offer a digital product in exchange for an email. By having a plugin such as this, you can do exactly that!

Membership Management / Restrict Content

Stand Alone

MemberMouse Software MemberMouse – Membermouse is an amazing software. Integrates with WordPress to give you full content control. It’s best feature is the sales funnel integration and save the sale. It doesn’t just help to control access, but helps you keep customers as well as offer upsells, downsells and cross sells. We’ve built a couple membership sites with MemberMouse and we’ll keep using it in the future!

Social Media Marketing


pingroupie100x100 PinGroupie – Find tons of group Pinterest boards to pin your content to. That way, you have an audience when you pin. You will need to ask the board creators to invite you.


Money Site Hosting

Siteground reseller hosting Siteground Reseller Hosting This hosting is a little tricky, but VERY good quality for your most valuable PBNs and money sites. If you sites are below 10k/mo traffic you’re better off going with reseller hosting. You’ll pay about $4/mo for a site. Support is awesome. They bill by the year only and you’ll have to buy 5 sites. So expect to pay about $225 for 5 sites for the year. 10gb of disk space per site, unlimited data. Cpanel, WordPress and 1 click installs. Hosting on 3 continents for diversity and speed. If you have just a couple sites or you have a lot of traffic 25k+/mo then go with their monthly plan like GrowBig or GoGeek for all the same features billed monthly. High quality hosting for high quality sites.
Traffic Planet Best WordPress Hosting for Money Sites Traffic Planet Hosting – This is who we currently host our most-important sites with. Fast SSD WordPress hosting with fast and reliable support via chat and support ticket. Email addresses included. Be sure to set your email storage high to prevent service interruption.
poweruphosting-100x100 PowerUp Hosting
wpengine100x100 WPEngine

PBN Hosting

hostnine-100x100 HostNine Reseller Hosting – (100 accts = $18.95/mo) be sure to find their reseller hosting page. That’s where the good deal is.
Reseller Club Hosting ResellerClub Hosting – Very affordable. $3.29/mo. Unlimted hosting, unlimited bandwidth. Don’t buy their reseller hosting. They don’t guarantee IP diversity. Stick with their personal accounts and don’t use too many of them as they don’t ensure they will end up on different IP addresses. Support is via email which is slow so we’d recommend this as a last addition to your network. Don’t put critical sites on this host.
Bluehost Hosting Bluehost Reseller Hosting – $13.95/mo gets you unlimited sites, bandwidth, and email accounts. CDN network included. Bluehost recommends Reseller club for reseller hosting so you can simply use Bluehosts shared hosting for PBNs, but if you have a lot of domains you’ll want to maybe set up a couple different accounts to keep them separate.
Namecheap Reseller Hosting Namecheap Reseller Hosting – Reseller 2 plan starts at $26.99/mo and includes unlimited accounts, 75gb of disk and 2000gb of data. WHM, Cpanel and 1 click installs are included.
Green Geeks Reseller Hosting Green Geek Reseller Hosting – Sprout account starts at $24.95/mo and includes unlimited domains, CPanel, WHMCS, 1 click install of popluar CMS systems
Hostgator Reseller Hosting – Aluminim plans starting at $19.96/mo includes unlimited websites, 50gb disk space and 500 gb of data. WHM/Cpanel and 1 click installs included.(Beware they try to sell you WordPress setup stuff and premium themes in their 1 click installer program. It’s pretty clever but easy to get around!)
Siteground reseller hosting Siteground Reseller Hosting This hosting is a little tricky, but VERY good quality for your most valuable PBNs and money sites. You’ll pay about $4/mo for a site, but de-index rates are extremely rare. Support is awesome. They bill by the year only and you’ll have to buy 5 sites. So expect to pay about $225 for 5 sites for the year. 10gb of disk space per site, unlimited data, but limited to 10k/visits/site/month. Cpanel, WordPress and 1 click installs. Hosting on 3 continents for diversity and speed. High quality hosting for high quality sites.
Godaddy Hosting Godaddy Hosting Godaddy is by far the largest hosting provider in the world. That means hiding in plain sight. However it’s a little confusing. They don’t offer reseller hosting. Instead their standard hosting is “unlimited”. That’s not a full fact. They throttle your bandwidth if you use too much. Cpanel is included, easy interface, 1 click installs are all standard. $4.49/mo if you buy it yearly. Makes your cost per site below $.50/mo. Can be a little glitchy as they overload servers sometimes or if a server gets a traffic spike, so we don’t recommend it for money sites. Go with one of our money site hosts above. Stay away from their reseller program. It’s like a highly confusing affiliate program and isn’t what you might think of as reseller hosting.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) services

Cloudflare CLoudflare – Free account with unlimited sites. Works as a security service and as content delivery to reduce bandwidth usage. Easy to setup. Premium plans available for money and client sites too. Good support.
Incapsula-Logo Incapsula – Not as easy to setup as Cloudflare, but a good alternate to provide some diversity in PBN sites. Decent support.

Domain Registrars

internetbs100x100 – (free privacy for life can reg
namesilo100x100 – (free privacy for life)
123reg100x100 123-Reg.Co.Uk – (for domains)
godaddy100x100 (good for reg .ca domains, easy)
namecheap-100x100 – (free privacy for 1 year can reg
hover100x100 Hover (free privacy for life)
domain-monster100x100 DomainMonster (free privacy for life)
above100x100 Above (free privacy for life, pain in the ass DNS management and support, but works if needed)
uniregistry100x100 Uniregistry (free privacy for life)
dreamhost100x100 Dreamhost (free privacy for life)

SEO Community

Communities / Forums

blackhatcommunity-100x100 Blackhat Community – A strong and rapidly growing group of SEO’s that offers strong leadership, a motivated private forum based community and an SEO tool suite such as bulk Majestic checker, bulk domain availability checker, Yellow Page scraper and MANY more! Membership based with a free user acct available!
Blackhat Daddy – An up and coming SEO forum that would be good to keep an eye on. Forum topis you can find include black hat methods, white hat, pink hat, blue hat & more! Don’t know what those are? Find out on the forum.
warrior-forum100x100 WarriorForum
black-hat-forum100x100 BlackHatForum
inboundorg100x100 Inbound.Org

Facebook Groups

simplesites100x100 Simple Sites Mastmind Group – We have our own SEO and internet marketing mastermind group on Facebook. It’s a closed group but just request an invite and we’ll get you in.
boomista100x100 Boomisto
proper-pbn-group100x100 The Proper PBN Group – This group focuses primarily on PBNs. There is freuqnetly some great conversation in the group on what works and what doesn’t.
local-seo-ballers100x100 Local SEO Ballers Group – All-things local SEO.
black-hat-daddy100x100 Black Hat Daddy SEO/PBN Marketplace – This is mostly a marketplace where people sell domains, expired domains, PBNs, link building services, social signals and more.
local-client-takeover100x100 Local Client Takeover – One of the best local SEO Facebook groups. This group is very active and members are constantly sharing great content.
bhs-free-seo-group100x100 The BHC Free SEO GroupBlack Hat Community is a paid group but they have a free group on Facebook as well where they share some great SEO tidbits.
PBN, SEO & IM Marketplace – Another great SEO marketplace where people offervarious services and products including domain scrapers, courses, domains, expired domains, PBNs, instant GMB verification services and much, much more.
The Domain PBN Marketplace – Another great marketplace.

Blogs to Follow

diggity-marketing-100x100 Matt Diggity – Diggity Marketing. One of the most actionable blogs you’ll come across for down to earth, real research. Makes sense tips. Demystifying why your SEO isn’t working and how to fix it today!
charles-float-100x100 Charles Floate – aka God of SEO. A young mind full of experience and knowledge. Grew up on the internet and understands the inner workings very well. Actionable tips from blackhat techniques to building a blog.
rand-rishkin100x100 Rand Fiskin
search-engine-land100x100 Search Engine Land
quicksprout100x100 Neil Patel
joost-de-valk100x100 Yoast
chris-lema100x100 Chris Lema
pat-flynn100x100 Pat Flynn
viperchill100x100 ViperChill
terry-kyle100x100 Terry Kyle
matthew-woodward100x100 Matthew Woodward
jon-haver100x100 Jon Haver – Jon Haver publishes some great SEO case studies, says “I’ll show you everything but my password”, and publishes his monthly income reports.
spencer-haws100x100 Spencer Haws
jacob-king100x100 Jacob King
chris-guthrie100x100 Chris Guthrie

General Business Tools

Time Tracking

toggl100x100 – With any business, tracking your time is importance to ensure that you are being as efficient as possible. It can be even more important if you do affiliate marketing or SEO on the side as you may have a full-time job and a family, so how you are spending those couple of “free” hours a day is very critical. We have been using Toggl for a year and love it.

Project Management

bubbl100x100 – (FREE + premium) When building out PBNs, things can get complicated very quick. Whether your are a visual person or not, mapping out your PBNs, Web 2.0s and backlinks can help you stay organize.
asana100x100 Asana – (FREE) Whether you are a team of one or a team of twenty, a project management software is a good thing to have in your toolkit. You can create tasks that need to be done, schedule due dates, and even delegate to other team members. As we hire more and more VAs, this will be a very critical tool in our toolbox.
trello100x100 Trello – (FREE) Board based project management good for complex sites, tracking customers and orders or working with VA’s and developrs
trello100x100 Instagantt – This is a gantt chart add-on for Asana. It’s not only helpful to see the tasks you need to do but the timeline of them as well.


zoho100x100 – If you have customers and want to be as efficient as possible, a good CRM (customer relationship management) is a must-have. We use Zoho as our CRM for multiple businesses so that we can keep track of customers, sales funnels, communication, business opportunities and more.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate SEO Toolbox: Best SEO Tools

  2. Jesse, I have seen a lot of “resource” pages outlining tools and other stuff marketers are using to build their business and this is by far the best one I have seen in a long time. You didn’t get all wordy with the description, it’s organized well, and just plain out useful! Thanks for setting the standard and the inspiration to get my own up.

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  5. There are a lot of amazing resources here. Thank you. As part of a new husband/wife blogging and ecommerce team, what you both do is inspiring? How is life off the grid?
    What do you think of Source Wave University and the Source Wave Marketplace? There are a lot of PBN services offered there. Do you know of any good resources focused on video SEO? Also have you used Market or Content Samurai? Any thoughts? Sorry for all of the questions but you guys seem like non BSers and I just wanted to ask. Happy Holidays!!

    • Hey Chris, Thanks for stopping by! Life off grid is great. It’s hard work, but simple and sustainable. Something we both thrive on! Congrats on starting our in blogging and ecommerce. You’ll love it. My thoughts on Source Wave products are you’ll spend lots of money and not make much in return. It’s always easy to spend money when you’re starting in digital marketing. There’s a checkout on every website and you’re hoping it holds the magic to your success. My $.02 is to get a coach or find a mentor. You’re biggest expense is losing time. Money can be replaced. For video SEO it’s pretty straight forward if you’re referring to YouTube. We’re going to be doing a workshop and course on it soon, but till then look for TubeRankJeet. It’s a one stop solution for optimizing your videos. Then for traffic its all about the basics. As for the Market and Content Samurai software I won’t say they are bad tools, cuz they’re great, but you can totally do everything they do without spending any money. In fact to better use any tool it’s best to learn to do it by hand first and then learn to speed it up with tools. We use the SK Tool from Google and Long Tail Pro for nearly all of our keyword research. Video is not rocket science. I do it with iMovie on my iPhone. We also use more sophisticated tools like a Nikon D5200 camera and Adobe Creative Suite. Depends on what you’re working on. Hit us up on our Contact Us form and let’s do a short skype chat if you’d like. See where you’re at and what quick tips we can give.

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