April 2016 Profit Report

April has been an interesting month for us, mostly, because we’ve been working non-stop on our homestead (we’ve primarily been building a hot tub!), and the money continues to roll in. Terrible problem, right? We don’t let it go to our heads, but we want to share with you what this month has looked like … Read more

March 2016 Profit Report

March was busy! Winter ended a bit early and things were getting into full stride with our businesses. March was the first month where we felt in control of our business instead of the other way around. The level of discipline, organization and productivity we achieved through business systemization was awesome! Just one example is our … Read more

Solved! “Your home page cannot be indexed” Yoast SEO Plugin problem caused for Wordfence Blocking Fake Google Bots

We recently had a website losing rankings day after day after day. Which made me think we had a penalty. I had the year-over-year graphs to prove it was so. However it didn’t add up. The short story is Wordfence had been blocking Google bots at random for months. FULL List of steps to correct … Read more

February 2016 Profit Report

February has been a great month for us. Last year, we took a full six months off from digital marketing to start building our dream lifestyle and when we decided to get back into the swing of things in December, it was rough. In February, we made quite the comeback. While December and January were … Read more

January 2016 Profit Report

January was a fascinating month to be involved in digital marketing. Primarily the excitement came to those who focus on SEO as some of the largest fluctuations in the history of search results were observed. That is the kind of excitement no SEO really wants to have. We’re happy to report that we had no … Read more

December 2015 Profit Reports

Welcome to our second profit report on our internet marketing blog! We dove into internet marketing full-time just over a year ago in October of 2014, so this month marks the end of our first full year of internet marketing. We also had some major life changes this year, so we ended up taking six … Read more

Making money with SEO: 4 Experts reveal the most common mistakes new marketers make & tips to avoid them

There is no better time than the present to start making money with SEO and online marketing! The digital world is mushrooming at a record pace with more local and global businesses seeking new markets and new prospects. It’s also easier than ever with more tools, more free training and more communities to get you … Read more

November 2015 Profit Reports

See Profit Reports page for month-over-month comparisons Welcome to our first ever published profit report! We are nearing the end of our first full year of being full-time internet marketers, and thought we’d share monthly updates from here on our. Even though we’ve been full-time internet marketers for the full year, we’ve taken the last … Read more