Solved! “Your home page cannot be indexed” Yoast SEO Plugin problem caused for Wordfence Blocking Fake Google Bots

We recently had a website losing rankings day after day after day. Which made me think we had a penalty. I had the year-over-year graphs to prove it was so. However it didn’t add up. The short story is Wordfence had been blocking Google bots at random for months. FULL List of steps to correct … Read more

Making money with SEO: 4 Experts reveal the most common mistakes new marketers make & tips to avoid them

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Our Horrible PBN Hosting Experience with IP NetworX & What We Do Now

Maintaining a private blog network is a lot of work. It takes countless hours, and dollars, spent finding high-quality expired domains, buying expired domains, building out the designs, ensuring quality content, mixing up themes, designs, social profiles, plugins, worrying about security, managing your PBN and more. However, without the best private blog network hosting, it is … Read more

How to Rank #1 in Google in 5 Hours!

Over the past three months, Jesse and I have started a new project – building a blog 95% with “white hat” internet marketing strategies! Taking on this challenge in a day when thousands of new blogs are being created daily, we’ve learned some handy tips and tricks when it comes to internet marketing in 2015 … Read more

Trust Flow: The Most Rubbish SEO Metric in Existence

Trust Flow has been all over the SEO community lately like bugs on a windshield. Everyone is making buying and linking decisions off of this rubbish metric alone, but that really isn’t helping your overall SEO efforts. As domain brokers we get a lot of questions regarding trust flow. Everyone cares about trust flow. When … Read more

The Best Link Building Strategies Using Infographics

I have this weird drive in me to create infographics. It’s such a unique, visual and even beautiful way to display information. Best part of all, it’s a great way to attract natural backlinks manufacture backlinks to your site! In this post I will walk you through the steps to creating a killer infographic for … Read more