The BEST SEO Tool You’ll Ever Own

We all want the next best SEO tool If you’ve been in, around or near SEO for any amount of time you’re well aware of the number of tools, plugins, softwares, courses, hardware and a gambit of other offerings are available for purchase. Just enter your credit card and you’ll have full unrestricted access to … Read more

Expired Domains vs. Buying Domains at Auctions

We all know that PBNs are such a big deal because despite what misinformation Google puts out, they still work! However, depending on the niche you are in, it can take anywhere from 1-100 strong PBN links to rank on page one for your desired keyword. Let’s say it only takes your site 10 strong … Read more

How to Idiot-Proof PBN Managment

We are at the point in our business where we are buying up expired domains like crazy and rebuilding them for our personal PBN that we own. We built the first couple of websites on our own when we realized that while it didn’t take that long, we really didn’t want to do it ourselves! … Read more

How we keep our PBNs and blogs organized

I see this question a lot while prowling around great Facebook groups so I thought I’d throw up a quick blog post to share a few tips on how we keep all of our sites organized. Keeping all the details safe First we don’t use an online software so that we keep privacy to a … Read more


Anyone serious about ranking websites both locally and more importantly on a national or global level knows that Google is still giving a lot of authority to inbound links. As such PBNs are just as important and relevant now as ever for passing links that you can control.  In case you’re not sure. Here’s why … Read more