How we keep our PBNs and blogs organized

I see this question a lot while prowling around great Facebook groups so I thought I’d throw up a quick blog post to share a few tips on how we keep all of our sites organized.

Keeping all the details safe

First we don’t use an online software so that we keep privacy to a maximum. It’s tempting to use G docs or MS Excel online. Use these sparingly if you can. If you need access whereever you go, we recommend or using a cloud drive of your own from the likes of Western Digital like this one.

Our worksheets

I’ll add more here but for the sake of getting this live here is our worksheet for keeping our blogs organized.

We do have more worksheets that keep track of what persona is being used, post titles etc. I’ll have to post those up later so feel free to subscribe to our newsletter so I can send that out when it’s up.

Other resources we use to keep it all organized

Our favorite mindmapping tool is They let you create simple and fast bubble maps of your linking structures, tiers and projects. This can be powerful so you can keep track of what links to what visually.

Makes it much easier for us to plan our builds. Best of all 3 maps are free and they have an iOS app so you can take your mindmaps on the road!

Here is a screenshot of a sample mind map.

Keeping the team organized

As soon as you either have too much to do or you hire a single person it can get hectic keeping things organized. Knowing who is doing what. Who did what and such. To keep all this under control we use a free project management software called Asana.

Their interface is simple, intuitive, FREE and available on Andriod and iOS devices. All you need is an email to get set up and you can add your team as well. Up to 15 members for free I think at the time of this writing.

Other great tools we use

Stop by our toolbox and see if you score a tool you didn’t know was around! At this writing it’s under construction so bookmark it and come back often.

We’ll keep updating this post so we can share all of our best organization and management resources.

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