How to sell leads to companies easily with value in advance

Guest Post by David Poole

There are many SEO companies using telesales to offer their services and attempting to sell leads, to a point it is a numbers game and you need someone who can sell and that’s a big dark whole for most SEO people. If you want to sell leads to businesses easily, try this.

What you will learn

  • How to pick a local business niche to target for lead geneartion
  • How to rank a website patiently so that Google is keen on your site
  • How to setup a tracking phone number to use to monitor and forward leads
  • How to send a few leads to a business to build rapport
  • How to get the business addicted to your leads
  • How to  ease into a long term relationship with your lead generation client

Figuring out what business niche to target for lead generation

There are endless business niches you could target from Real Estate, dentists, plumbers, carpet cleaners, maid services, landscapers, insurance agencies, solar contractors, lawyers and many more.

Do some research to find a local niche that has good metrics for you. Those metrics should be a decent amount of competition with plenty of companies on page 2, 3 and 4. The keyword ranking difficulty ought to be low and for this I use MOZ anything under 30% is a good target. And make sure the PPC is high (Google SKtool will tell you this). If people are paying $5 a click that could easily land you a $500 monthly contract.

Build and SEO a site to generate leads

Get the site ranked but don’t rush it. Show Google you are safe and good for their brand because that is what they want. They want to offer results that offer the perfect experience for the person searching.

Use a tracking number to track inbound leads

Put a tracking phone number on the site. If you are in the UK use Numbergroup, it’s cheap and they will email you a copy of the recorded call which is pretty cool. A company popular in the US is Twilio. They offer a similar service.

Collect a couple leads to your new lead generation prospect

Collect a couple of leads and phone a prospective client. With a local company you are more likely to speak to the boss and that’s what you want.

Now on this call be normal, don’t be salesy. Tell them you have a couple of leads they can try for free. Explain you are on page one of Google and your plan is to rent the website out.

Picking a company to target for lead generation

The ideal company you want to target is one who is using adwords but not organically ranked on page one.  Create a conversation with them, tell them you have seen the ppc price and say if they are happy with the leads would they like to have a chat about renting the site.


The real beauty of this type of lead generation strategy is you are not selling a dream, you don’t have to guess when you will be page one. All you need to do is get the company addicted on your leads.

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