How to translate drop down menus in SAPE in English

Because Rosetta Stone takes wayyyyy too long!

If you’ve used SAPE for a while you may already have a trick for this, but for anyone who’s a recent to SAPE or doesn’t have a solution this post will help you translate the drop down menus in your SAPE dashboard into your native language.

In this post I’m going to share:

  • How to quickly translate drop down menus in SAPE
  • Give you a free beginners guide and translation resource download

IMPORTANT: Bookmark this page as we’ll make an attempt to update it with more drop down list translations.

What a SAPE menu looks like in Russian

What a SAPE dropdown menu reads when translated into English

Here are a few SAPE drown down menus translated for you:

Group work with links

  • Option 1: Cancel accommodation
  • Option 2: Cancel accommodation and send to Black List
  • Option 3: Cancel accommodations and send in Global Black List
  • Option 4: Try to recover the frozen links
  • Option 5: Freeze links
  • Option 6: Add website to favorites
  • Option 7: Complain to the website

Links waiting for approval page

  • Option 1: Submit Accommodation
  • Option 2: Confirm the location and Send to selected
  • Option 3: Cancel Accommodation
  • Option 4: Cancel Accommodation and send to Black List
  • Option 5: Cancel Accommodation and sent to Global Black List
  • Option 6: Complain to the website

Main Projects Dashboard

  • Option 1: Delete all text URLs
  • Option 2: Remove Url
  • Option 3: Freeze
  • Option 4: Lift the freeze
  • Option 5: Merge duplicates

How to translate any drop down menu in SAPE into English

Step 1: When in SAPE translate the page using the Chrome browser with the Google Translate add on. If you’ve managed to get a SAPE account you’ve likely already made it this far.

Step 2: The text just before a dropdown should translate into english. Hover over that text and google translate should give you the original text. Copy the original text.

Step 3: Then right click and “View Source”. Use find to locate the text and you’ll have also found the text for the dropdown.

Step 4: Copy each of the list items into a separate window using google translate and make yourself a reference copy of the menu in your language.

Step 5: Save this in a safe place for reference

Want to share a SAPE drop down list translation with us? Send us a message here and we’ll post it up on this page.

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